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VR surgical simulator first to receive Royal College accreditation

By Surgical Tribune
April 24, 2019

LONDON, UK: A virtual reality platform, manufactured by the company FundamentalVR, provides doctors with a "flight simulator" for surgery and has become the first of its kind to receive accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons.

FundamentalVR’s platform, Fundamental Surgery, which combines virtual reality with haptics , is now Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited. It’s the first simulation with HapticVR to receive CPD points and will cover the Fundamental Surgery total hip replacement training simulation.

Fundamental Surgery was launched in August 2018 and allows surgeons to experience and navigate the same visuals, sounds and feelings they would during a real surgical procedure. It’s compatible with any laptop, VR headset or haptic device. The platform not only provides visual aides but also uses haptics to simulate the feel of tissue, bones and muscle, to better prepare future surgeons for actual operations.

Richard Vincent, founder and CEO of FundamentalVR, said: “With Fundamental Surgery, we have developed a completely safe and realistic teaching environment for surgeons to learn and hone their skills combining virtual reality with tactile feedback that is so important for developing the muscle memory associated with different procedures.”

The system has already been deployed by a number of NHS organisations, including St George’s Hospital in London and University College London Hospital. It’s also used by the Mayo Clinic and UCLA in the US and Sana in Germany.

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