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Doctors perform open mouth surgery to remove bone tumour

By Surgical Tribune
November 12, 2012

FREIBURG, Germany: Researchers from Germany have developed a new, less invasive procedure for removing benign bone tumours of the jaw. While conventional surgical techniques hold the risk of facial paralysis, the new method enables surgeons to remove such tumours through the patient’s mouth.

Osteomas are benign bone tumours that develop at the base of the skull on the inside of the mandibular condyle and can cause dental malposition, sometimes leaving patients disfigured. Many patients with osteomas have difficulty speaking and eating.

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The new technique was developed by Prof. Rainer Schmelzeisen, Director of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry at the University Medical Center Freiburg. According to the surgeon, conventional removal of osteomas carries a high risk of damaging the facial nerve, which could cause permanent paralysis of a patient’s face. The new method, however, prevents this.

Schmelzeisen said that he has removed a few osteomas through the mouth already with satisfying results. In addition, he has treated a number of joint head fractures and mandible fractures using the open mouth technique in the past. In a randomised controlled study, his team was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the newly developed method, Schmelzeisen said.

For the technique, German medical technology manufacturer KARL STORZ developed a special device, which could also be used for removing other bone tumours in the jaw area such as osteochondromas, the medical centre stated.

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