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“Hurra, ein Konflikt!” – vom Konflikt zur aktiven Empfehlung

03 Sep 2020, 12:00 AM Tokyo

Wie Sie durch den professionellen Umgang mit schwierigen oder eskalierenden Patienten für zufriedene wie auch für neue Patienten sorgen.

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Each product in the DERMABOND Portfolio provides strong, protective, and efficient closure. All products in the DERMABOND Portfolio are supported by more clinical evidence, outcomes data, and publications than any other topical skin adhesive.

The most versatile portfolio to meet your wound closure needs in minimally invasive procedures.

HARMONIC ACE®+ Shears can be used for coagulation and transection of vessels up to 5mm and handle multiple surgical jobs with precision including dissection, sealing, transection, and otomy creation. The refined blade design includes a tapered tip with a proprietary, nonstick coating.

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